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Feathers of the cap:
Amongst the most interesting & motivational stories, few are mentioned here:

• Cap of the Cop
• The Fear of scarcity
• Role of others in Anger
• The inhibitive force of inertia
• Peaks and Pits of courage…..

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• It is the courage that makes a common man    unique. Courage and limitless courage makes    one a celebrity.

• Tiredness is not from the work but from the    feelings attached to it.

• A smiling face is the best natural scenery.

• Grief leads to the Grave faster…..
J.K. Dagar "Mr. JK Dagar an Ex- Director (E.S.I.C.- Ministry of Labour). He is also a very renowned poet and Author of Internationally published books like Access to Success, 100 Tips to reach the Top & Other 2+ dozen books in Hindi Language."

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